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Introduction to Unix and Linux Review

Introduction to Unix and Linux
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Our students use this text because it carefully teaches them how to do everything they need in UNIX and Linux. Each skill is examined with specific laboratory exercises that demonstrate how it works and how to best use it. Figures are clear and save the teaching staff a lot of time because the figures focus in on the hard parts of the system. The student reviews, chapter summaries, assignments, and expanded explanations of more complex topics make this the text we use with our community college students. The teacher's pack provides us with power point slides, handouts, question bank, tests and added materials.
For our more advanced, faster paced classes, we use this book's big brother, UNIX Made Easy 3rd Ed. Both have been very carefully developed and students use them with few errors or problems. This book does not have the shell programming that is in UNIX Made Easy. Instead, Introduction to UNIX and Linux has Red Hat Linux CD's, a chapter on installation and chapters on administration of a system, plus additional GUI information and exercises.

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Ideal for students with little or no computer experience, this essential learning tool is filled with fundamental skill-building exercises, hands-on tutorials, and clear explanations.And, it's written by a leading UNIX and Linux curriculum developer and instructor, making it perfect for both learning -- and teaching -- the basics.

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